Payment Methods

I currently prefer cash or check for payment. Payment is expected at time of session.


This will mean that if you utilize insurance  that you will need to know what your copay/co-insurance and/or deductible amounts are to be ahead of time.  If you are utilizing insurance or EAP - the Insurance or EAP Information Form will help you be prepared for what you will need to pay (it walks you through a call to your insurance or EAP provider that helps you determine your benefits.


Payment plans may be available based on individual need. 


A credit card authorization is requested for those paying by credit card.


Fee Schedule and Rate Change as of 09/15/2022
Fee schedule with rate change notice for 09/15/2022.
Fee Schedule and Rate Change
Compressed archive in ZIP format [888.0 KB]

Insurance companies negotiate various contracted rates with their providers.


If you are utilizing your health insurance you will be responsible to pay your co-pay/co-insurance at the time of session or if you have to meet your deductible you will be charged the contract rate until your deductible is met. 


If you are utilizing me as an "out of network provider", different circumstances may apply based on your coverage which will be determined by your insurance company.  You will need to ask them about this directly.

For those utilizing their EAP benefits through their company or their family member's company - these sessions are free to you (no co-pay/co-insurance).  Your EAP company will educate you about your benefits.  You are responsible to attain authorization prior to coming to your first session (otherwise your authorization may not be activated in time resulting in your having to pay full fee out of pocket).


If you do not know if your work offers an EAP program, please consult with your HR or benefits manager.  It is a great benefit to take advantage of. 

For those of you not utilizing EAP or health insurance, you are classified as "Private Pay".  You are eligible for "courtesy discounts".  Please call for details.